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Growing up with a Mother in Real Estate was quite the entertainment! Watching her and her tight knit group of girlfriends, also in the industry, was like having front row seats to my very own daily live performance of what would have then been today’s “Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing”! LOL!!! Well, maybe $300,000 Dollar Listing?!?! Don’t laugh! That was a lot of money in the 80’s for a family here just North of Manhattan’s Rockland County NY!

By the age of 12, I could tell you exactly what a binder was, a bidding war, and the dire importance of that appraisal coming back at asking price or higher! You may even have caught me negotiating a bit on my pretend Strawberry Shortcake rotary phone here and there (of course for the “seller” since everyone worked for the seller back then)…..Ohhhh how “glamorous” it all seemed…Although Mom was busy running around and/or on the phone most of my life, she had the “flexibility” to be my class Mom, go with us on school trips, and throw killer “DIY” (Do it Yourself) birthday parties at home! Sure, there were a few times where I found her with a numb zombie like face eating a sleeve of Fig Newtons watching Dynasty or Knots Landing when a deal fell through, but I do love Fig Newtons, and who didn’t love Dynasty and Knots Landing? How bad could it be I thought?

By the time I became of age to make a real career decision, I decided I wanted to be in the “industry” but not in “selling”. I wanted to go into the “Non-Profit” side of things, to help people and transform lives. Good job Shari!!! This was in the late 90’s when people were taking a listing just because they opened their eyes that morning! Not me!!! I wanted to put on my Superwoman Cape every morning and save mankind! Or at the minimum, provide them with “Housing Counseling”..…Soup to nuts ….ALL aspects of Real Estate is exactly what I did. You name it! Everything! From First time Homebuyer Counseling, Mortgage Counseling, Foreclosure Prevention Counseling, new construction for seniors ‘ projects- including the grant writing process to the actual construction process right down to the renting of the units….contract bidding for rehab work, participating in the operations of energy efficiency programs, and single family rehab programs, all while conducting ongoing educational workshops on the Homebuying process. I provided community members with information on Homeowner self repairs and tips, Selling procedures and timelines…and so much more….Needless to say I was a busy girl! So when I finally decided to take that inevitable leap and cross over to the “other side of the bathroom stall” or should we say “Sales”, this should have been a piece of cake….right? A little piece of cake? A bite? A “cakelet”? Yes? No? (insert the sound of crickets here ….) LOL!!!

I was so thrilled at the chance to use all of my knowledge to help people through the buying and selling process. To wear my “Superwoman Cape “on this side of Real Estate!! Lord knows people need to be educated and informed during such a HUGE transaction in their life, and how wonderful of a feeling to be able to hold people’s hands through this chapter in their journey! But wait….what happened to the glamour? Glamour??…. Glamour??….. Anyone?!?!… LOL!!! Flexibility? Paging Flexibility? Oh yes! I’m very flexible these days! You should ask my husband how flexible I am when he takes my cellphone away during dinner at the restaurant we went to so that we can “reconnect” after working so much and not spending enough time together!!

I LOVE this business, don’t get me wrong!!! I eat Real Estate for breakfast!! I even have at T- Shirt that says so!! But let’s face it, from both the client’s perspective, as well as the Realtor’s perspective, this business can get pretty intense. So my goal for 2016 (in addition to not seeing floaters in my eyeballs when a deal falls through, not answering clients at 11:30 at night on a regular basis, and not calling automated leads whose first names are “Frank” and last names are “Furter”), is to provide a safe haven for both Realtors and Clients to come and laugh a bit, in addition to providing vital information on all things “Real Estate”. Welcome friends to……”Chronicles of a Realtor”